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Motorbike Storage in Keighley, West Yorkshire

We have acres of secure yard area available for storing caravans and vehicles under 24 hour, monitored CCTV protection and for cherished vehicles and motor bikes which require protection from the weather we have fifteen 200 square foot highly secure GRP storage boxes which can be accessed 24 hours a day seven days a week in our highly secure yard. 

As well as motorbike storage these external units are ideal for

  • Tradesmen who need to keep tools and materials secure
  • Market stall holders who need to keep surplus stock in a secure location and still be able to access their product on Market days
  • Owners of cherished vehicles such as classic cars and motorbikes who want to protect them from the elements, free up valuable garage space at home and maintain flexible access to their vehicles.
  • The secure yard area is also available for caravan and motor home storage

Whatever vehicle you want to store in Will-Store's safe, secure environment where it's protected from the weather and easily accessible to you then we can help with affordable solutions for every type of vehicle storage from motorcycle storage, boat storage, classic car storage - even mobile home and caravan storage on our outside paved area.  Not only will you gain the space back in your drive or garage but you may also save on your insurance premiums. For caravan and mobile home storage it's less noticeable that you’re away as you house it elsewhere the whole year round !