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Packaging Materials

As well as a vast range of flexible, affordable, storage options we also help with all the other aspects of your storage requirements with experts on hand to help you make the right storage decisions, maximise the cost savings and make your storage work as efficiently as possible.

Our other services include:

  • Brand new storage boxes are available at inexpensive rates.  They not only help you store your stuff more efficiently (reducing the amount of wasted space in your storage unit and therefore saving you money) but even more importantly they will make finding anything you want to remove from storage MUCH easier and quicker.
  • Packaging items. We have a full range of packing materials for protecting and securing your goods. From bubble wrap to polythene furniture covers, from tape to box hanging rails. Simply ask us for details and competitive prices.
  • Padlocks and security items.We buy BIG and pass on these savings to you so while each unit has security devices built in we can supply you, for a small charge, with a super-safe lock from our range of padlocks.
  • Collection and delivery service – we can arrange to collect your items and bring them into your secure storage unit safely.   Once you’re ready to remove your goods we can help with our dedicated vehicle to deliver the goods to exactly where you want them and when you want them. Please note that for insurance purposes someone must be present at the collection site to load the vehicle and also on site at our storoage facility to unload.
  • Pack & Send. If you have items to pack and send either within the UK or abroad we can arrange the packing and shipment for you. Ask us for details.

Even if you're not using one of our self storage services in the secure warehouse or in the external container storage we'd be delighted to help with packaging and security services. We have various robust packing boxes and tape which are ideal to make moving house more efficient and our discounted highly secure padlocks are probably the best value for money around.

For anyone into Ebay then why not ask about our Pack and Send Service - which leaves you free to list more items rather than waiting around for the carrier to collect! We can even Receive and Store your deliveries from 8.30am to 6pm on workdays or 8.30am - 1pm on Saturdays so the carrier can deliver when it suits them and you can collect from us when it suits you!