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Self Storage Facilities in Keighley, west Yorkshire

Business Storage

Every business has variable storage requirements and very few businesses have enough space available on site when they need it.  Will-Store.co.uk can work with you to solve your short or long term storage requirements for:

  • Tradesmen who need to keep tools and materials secure
  • Surplus Product
  • Archive storage (secure financial and personnel record storage is especially useful off site
  • Relocation storage – cover those peaks in storage needs with flexible self store units from Will-Store.co.uk
  • Access 7 days a week

With the cost of commercial office and storage space at a premium you can make cost savings and efficiency gains by utilising flexible secure storage when your business needs it the most.

If you need to work in close proximity to your stored products we also have office space available. Contact us for more information.

Domestic Storage

Most households need additional storage space from time to time and rather than throw away cherished items that you don’t need on a daily basis then we can help with short or long term storage solution packages to suit every size of house and every budget. The most common needs for domestic storage are usually:

  • When selling your home – it’ll sell much quicker and for a higher price with the surplus clutter removed, making your house seem bigger to potential purchasers
  • Prior to a move when you want to reduce the stress on moving day (it’s hard enough as it is!) by pre-storing any non essential items to be collected once the bulk of your move is complete
  • When downsizing your house
  • When staying in temporary, rented, accommodation or storing your furniture while staying with friends or family
  • For students or nurses attending local college, university or hospital

Storage shelving is available upon request. Please contact us for more details.

Office Space available

Contact us for more information.

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